Double Glazed Units are basically 2 panels of glass held together around the perimeter with a spacer and sealant to hold them apart. The air or inert gas if used remains still within the cavity and creates a measure of insulation.

Inert insulating gases are used in the cavity of double glazed units to improve the insulating factor, and the best results are obtained with Low E glass and inert gas. There are various inert gases on the market which perform in different width of cavities. The most common and cheapest gas is argon and will perform in cavities up to 20mm.

Generally the heavier the gas the better the insulation, but only in smaller cavities. Krypton is a much heavier gas and therefore provides optimum insulation in smaller cavities, making it an ideal solution for properties where the aesthetic importance of the glazing is high such as conservation areas and period properties, giving the illusion of single glazed windows with all the thermal benefits of double glazing therefore making the property more energy efficient.

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